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Kohler, E.E. (Ed.): Contributions to the annual meeting of the DTTG, Regensburg 1994, Berichte der DTTG, Band 3

Köster, H.M.: Ideas for the study of clays and clay minerals.

Heimerl, H., Kohler, E.E., Santl, W.: The description of the barrier properties of the clays from the Upper Freshwater Molasse and from northern Bavaria on the basis of mineralogical and colloidal chemical methods.

Heimerl, H., Kohler, E.E., Treml, H.: The analysis of pollutant transport in clays and shales.

Gonzales, J., Pohlmeier, A., Narres, H.-D., Schwuger, N.J.: Sorption mechanism of the anionic surfactant sodium dodecyl sulfate (NaDS) to homoionic montmorillonites.

Dobler, L., Völkel, J.: Changes of soil clay minerals between the stemflow- and intermediate stem range in wood on Luvisols in the loess area of Regensburg.

Eheim, A., Völkel, J.: Comparison of clay mineral composition and their pedogenic transformation in soils of different ages using a Celtic structure.

Niller, H.-P., Völkel, J.: Clay minerals of forest soils of the loess area of Regensburg depending on the milieu acidity and the degree of tillering.

Völkel, J.: Clay minerals in forest soils in low mountain areas - Origin, acidification induced transformation and ecological importance (Case study Bavarian Forest).

Dultz, S.: Contribution of the particle crushing to changes of the mineralogical composition of the clay fraction during pedogenesis.

Roetzel, R., Ottner, F., Schwaighofer, B., Müller, H.W.: Tertiary clays on the eastern part of the Bohemian Massif.

Schwaighofer, B., Knaak, B., Soyoye, H., Ottner, F., Froeschl, H., Müller, H.W.: Long-term durability of cement-bentonite slurry wall materials.

Froeschl, H., Schwaighofer, B., Ottner, F., Jaros, M., Müller, H.W..: Sorption of chlorinated hydrocarbons in argillaceous sediments.

Flückiger, A., Nüesch, R., Madsen, F.T.: Swelling of anhydrite.

Kahr, G., Madsen F.T.: Determination of the cation exchange capacity and the surface of bentonite, illite and kaolinite with methylene blue adsorption.

Meier, L.P.: Adsorption of 4-chlorophenol on cationized ß-cyclodextrin modified sodium bentonite (MX-80).

Haas, R.: Hydrophylic and dispersible organoclays.

Köster, H.M.: Mineralogical and chemical inhomogeneity of micaceous clay minerals in three standard specimens.

Jordan, R., Köster, H.M.: Adsorption of arsenic on clays, clay minerals, iron hydroxide sludges and natural sands.

Skerstupp, P., Frank, G., Urban, H.: Experimental studies on the adsorption of chlorocomplexes and colloids of platinum group elements (PGE) on montmorillonites with particular reference to the determination of the adsorbed species.

Dohrmann, R., Echle, W.: A critical review of the Ag-thiourea method (AgTu) for CEC determination and introduction of a new methodological approach.

Decher, A., Bechtel, A., Echle, W., Friederich, G., Hoernes, S.: Stable isotope ratios of calcite and smectite from bentonites of Milos / Greece.

Decher, A., Echle, W., Friederich, G., Becker, C.: Characterization of smectites from differently altered pyroclastic rocks in Milos / Greece.

Tarazona, A., Koglin, E., Narres, H.-D., Lehner, C.:In situ analysis of the adsorption of organic compounds on kaolin with the colloid-FT-SERS spectroscopy.

Blockhaus, F., Narres, H.-D., Séquaris, J.-M.: Interactions of synthetic polymers (polycarboxylates) with clay-water interface.

Onnich, K.: Synergies in the adsorption of inorganic and organic pollutants on various clay minerals in mineral landfill barriers.

Tadjerpisheh, H.: Joint research project "Methods for the exploration and description of the bedrocks of landfills and contaminated sites.

Haus, R.: Decontamination of hydrocarbon contaminated clays with non-ionic surfactants - investigation of microstructure and pollutant discharge.

Kagermeier, W., Range, K.-J.: Smectites synthesis and X-ray structure analysis - example fluorohectorite.

Hohmuth, H., Hoffman, H., Müller, M.: Studies on the sorption behaviour of bisubstituted aniline and phenol derivatives in inorganic activated clays and bentonite.

Breu, J.: Chiral recognition of smectites.

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