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Stanjek, H. (Hrsg.): Beiträge zur Jahrestagung Valkenburg, DTTG 2006, Berichte der DTTG, Band 12

Jong Hyok An, Stefan Dultz and Mohamed Rashad: Polycation adsorption on montmorillonite: the thermodynamic perspective for the adsorption of chitosan

Peter G. Weidler and Frank Friedrich: Determination of the refractive index of clay particles in suspensions

H. Albert Gilg, Jens Schneider and Robert E. Frei: Pb and Sr isotope evidence for the origin of the Hirschau-Schnaittenbach kaolin deposit, Germany

Edith Haslinger, Franz Ottner, Georg J. Lair and Martin H. Gerzabek: Bulk and clay mineralogy of stream sediments of the rivers Danube, Ebro and Elbe

Gerhard Kemper, Katja Emmerich, Franz Königer, Markus Stacheder, Rainer Schuhmann, Rolf Nüesch: Material design and validation - methodology for a multi-layer subsurface barrier

Reinhard Kleeberg, Thomas Monecke and Stephen Hillier: Some aspects of the preparation of samples suitable for quantitative XRD analysis

Martina Klinkenberg, Stephan Kaufhold, Reiner Dohrmann and Siegfried Siegesmund: Influence of micro fabric on physical properties of bentonites

Artur Meleshyn, Henryk Wicke and Claus Bunnenberg: Thermally induced structural transformations in HDPy-modified montmorillonite: Monte Carlo and quantum chemical studies

Nguyen Ngoc Minh, Stefan Dultz, Jörn Kasbohm and Jong Hyok An: Cu availability in polluted alluvial soils of the Red River Delta, Vietnam - effect of clay additives

F. Ottner, D. Keusch and J. Schweigl: The Fate of Clay in Landslides

F. Ottner, E. Vekiru, K. Wriessnig, S. Fruhauf, M. Sahin and R. Krska: Bentonites as adsorbents of Mycotoxins

Hossein Paidar and Jamal Tarrah: Investigation of thermal behavior of argillite used in refractory industry

Beate Riebe, Stefan Dultz and Claus Bunnenberg: Kinetics of thermally induced changes of basal spacings and sorption performance of organically modified bentonites

Matthias Schellhorn, Othmar Latief and Eva Schmidt: First experiences with clay additives for concrete products

Annett Steudel, Frank Friedrich, Peter G. Weidler, Rolf Nüesch and Katja Emmerich: Thermal transformation of sepiolite

Felicitas Wolters: The importance of the thermal stability of bentonites in foundry use

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